A tribute to Roberta Murphy … and a request

February 27, 2021
By Marcy Shortuse

Statewide Pest in Boca Grande is like a family. After 30 years of devoted service, they lost one of their own when Roberta Murphy lost her battle with cancer. 

 Those who knew Roberta best knew that she wouldn’t want an obituary or a tribute. In place of this, Statewide Pest, now known as Arrow Environmental Services, would like to honor her life by finding a loving home for her two beloved cats. 

 A true animal lover, Roberta’s family consisted of one horse which was the love of her life, goats, two adorable cats, and the many cranes, raccoons, and other animals she fed and cared for each day. 

 “Anytime there was construction, Roberta would say, ‘The poor animals.’” said Kathy Holt, Roberta’s caregiver, and friend. “She would go out of her way to save all animals. Roberta would feed the cranes that would come by every day and the raccoons at her apartment at night. She was a true animal lover who ensured the feral cats and wildlife were always fed and cared for.”

“I was just remembering how Roberta would sit outside her place and feed a Sandhill crane every day,” said Viola Dyer, of Statewide Pest. “It would eat bread right out of her hand. She loved helping animals.”

 “Her horse has been placed in a good home,” said Jack Sullivan, owner of Statewide Pest. “Roberta’s two cats are adorable and young and will bring many years of joy to your home. We thank you in advance.”

 For information, please contact Kathy Holt at chevygirlholt@gmail.com.


“You are truly blessed when family members are your friends and when friends feel like your family.”