A letter from the ‘ginned up’ locals

May 15, 2015
By Boca Beacon

gilchrist noticeTo the Editor:
I just read the reply to my letter to the editor from last week, from Mr. Regnery. It made me dizzy. The RPMs of that spin were off the scale.
Unsubstantiated charges? Red Herrings? Ginned up by a couple of well-known locals?
Oh, those pesky locals, what are we to do? Perhaps we should confine them to a reservation.
Back to my letter and his reply. I said it was an insult to coach us on the 5th Street parking lot after some residents had already been granted the right to overplant existing parking spaces. I said Lee County had allowed you to overplant the right-of-ways, you corrected me and said that Lee County gave you permits to allow you to overplant the-right of-ways. It is comforting to know that they can pull those permits and we could get our parking spaces back. Perhaps that should be a plan.
You then penned yet another plan. Rebuild the 5th Street parking lot, a plan that would put the burden on the county and all island residents to ease your situation.
On the ”banyan block,” the banyan trees are a reality. They were planted by Mr. Riley, the overseer of the old railroad, and have stood for more than 100 years. They are real, you can see them and feel them. They’re also protected because they are deemed historic.
The trees, not the street.
People get married under them, in the summer workers eat lunch under them to beat the heat, they’re a big-time photo op for visitors. Every year around Easter the Stations of the Cross ends under them, with all the island churches walking together in harmony.
My point is, they’re shared by everyone not just those who live on the street, but all the people that visit our street.
Your Olmstead pipe dream that has languished in a drawer for more than 100 years was never implemented. They talked about it, they drew pictures of what their vision was, but it has always been local people who have planted on the Gilchrist median.
Hey, maybe your crack team of investigators can make a case for that drawer to be made historical.
The Methodist Church canceled the bridge club after everybody lawyered up. They won’t be back next year at the church. That was an act of good faith, as a concession. It was done as a compromise. Yet your crusade carries on, as if no compromise was ever offered.
As far as accosting worshippers on the way to church, if that was an imaginary encounter why did you go to the four-digit phone book to see where this apparition lived?
You say the average age of Gilchrist homeowners is in their mid 70s. That would mean you must have some 100-year-olds living on your block. You better be careful, Willard Scott and his TV crew will be parking in your yards when that news gets out.
One of the local employees that I mentioned was a 20-year-old woman who was frightened to tears by a large, angry red-faced man. He was screaming at her through the small crack in her window she had rolled up in fear. She is of average weight and height and, as I said, 20-years-old and hardly a vigorous, middle-aged shopkeeper.
As far as bogus announcements left on windshields, proclaiming there is no parking on a county-owned piece of land where there are no “no parking” signs, well … the proof is in the litter. They are just homemade parking tickets printed up by some dimwitted homeowner.
With lifted tankard I pray that your cause goes the way of the Vendee uprising.
Once again, these are only my humble opinions. All the people that have told their “ginned up” stories about parking incidents are people I have known for decades. They don’t gin things up or exaggerate their “stories.” Well, maybe a little around tarpon time, but I usually believe them.
I don’t really know you, Mr. Regnery, so I can’t speak to your true motives.
But I did Google you.
Skip Perry,
Boca Grande, planet Earth