If you’re a biker rider, log your miles!


To the Editor:

Attention, South Gulf Cove cyclists! I’m constantly seeing your posts about how far you rode and, quite frankly, I think you’re insane.

Here’s your challenge: For the week of September 21 through September 28 you need to post your mileage to my Facebook page. For every 50 miles you log as a group I’ll donate one children’s bicycle and helmet to the South Gulf Cove Yacht Club to distribute to local kids in need!

I will donate up to 10 bikes, so 500 miles is your community goal.

I don’t care if you’re hardcore (Joe Cooper) or a slacker (me), every mile counts and it’s open to everyone in the neighborhood.

I want to give away these bikes, so spread the word among your friends.

P.S. Bending of the rules is strictly encouraged, you don’t have to be a resident of South Gulf Cove or even live in the State! Just log your miles and help some kids get some bikes!

Jim Benson

Port Charlotte